Vacuum Cleaners made in United States

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Maytag M1200 Upright Vacuum with 12 HEPA Bags, 1 HEPA Filter and 5-Year Warranty
Maytag M500 Upright Lightweight Vacuum
Maytag M700 Upright Vacuum
Hoover Guardsman Commercial Bagless Upright
3M Electronics Toner Vacuum Cleaner
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Professional Wet/Dry Vac, 6-HP, 5-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vac, Stainless Steel, 8-Gal., 5-HP
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Ultra Pro Wet/Dry Pump Vac, 6-HP, 14-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vac, 5.5-HP SVX2 Motor, 12-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vac, 10-Gal., 5-HP
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vac, 6.5-HP SVX2 Motor, 16-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vac, 3-HP, 6-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vac on Cart, 6.5-HP SVX2 Motor, 14-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet-Dry Blower Vac, 6.5 Peak HP, 12-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vac, Wall Mountable, 4-HP, 5-Gal.
Shop-vac Shop-Vac Wet/Dry Vacuum, 8-Gal., 4-HP
Oreck UK2200 XL Classic Filtration Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Oreck UK30200 Elevate Command Upright Lightweight Filtration Vacuum
Oreck Commercial BB900DGR XL Pro 5 Super Compact Canister Vacuum
Oreck BB880AD XL Classic Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Oreck U2000RB Upright Vacuum, AirFlow 108cfm, FineFilter
Hoover Steamvac Carpet Cleaner
Tornado 12 Gallon Self Contained Carpet Extractor