For Manufacturers and Brand Owners

In times of global village more and more customers want to know where their future purchase has been made. Reasons are various, including even pure curiosity, but the point is that this growing demand can (and should) be satisfied. And both sides - manufacturers and customers - can take advantage of such a cooperation.

Profits for Manufacturers:

  1. Good brands are proud of their factories and are willing to show it to their potential clients. It doesn't matter so much in which particular country your factory is located, what matters is that your company is not ashamed of it. Quality has no homeland, it belongs to respective brand, not to particular country.
  2. Customers appreciate manufacturers which are more unreserved and less secret. If they have bought your products irrespective of their origin, now they will buy them more willingly. If they haven't - maybe they will begin. When your products have full information about its origin - and your competitor's not - the choice is self-evident!
  3. Economic crisises and COVID-19 pandemic hit businesses all over the world. To break away, every brand needs to find new possibilities. And is one of them. A step forward, one more way to attract new customers.
  4. Country of origin is not a secret. Such information in placed on almost all products and products boxes. So why not to change legal demands into new business opportunity?
  5. Brands and companies works hard to make their webpages up-to-date and attractive. Adding links to our service can be free and easy supplement for your product's subpages.

If your Company or Brand is interested in participating in our project please contact us using our Contact form. We will be glad to send you information with details of our possible cooperation.

Some information presented on our website have been collected "manually" (i.e. read from labels and boxes), without manufacturer's help. If you will find some mistakes, errors or incompetence in our data relative to your products, please inform us using our Contact form. We will correct it as soon as possible.