Help: Question and Answers

What was the reason to make this website?

In times of globalization companies and brands place their factories all over the world. Modern transportation - air, sea, road and rail - makes it easy to deliver every possible product to every possible country, irrespective of factory location, in a short time and at low cost. When you go to an electronic or computer shop nearest to your home you can find there products made in tens of countries. And maybe before making a purchase you will want to check an origin of a desired product. If so - this website is for you!

How can I find information?

There are two major ways of getting information from this website: searching and browsing. To search, please click on the search icon, and type a part of the product name or its part number in the search box, To browse, please use the menu bar located within the page header.You can browse:

  1. by Country in which products were manufactured,
  2. by Brand or Company who made them or
  3. by Category of products.

Irrespective of the way you choose the result will be a list of applicable products with information about country of origin.

Why some of product categories are empty?

This service is developed constantly and grows bit by bit. Empty category indicates that we have no such products yet, but we plan to add them in future. You can help us fill these empty categories, submitting proposals via our New Product Form. You can also send us a proposal of a quite new category. To do this, use our Contact Form.

What about reliability and completeness of information?

We use various ways of collecting information about products. Some items were sent by the manufacturers, some were manually read from product boxes, some were programmatically collected from various websites, some were sent by our visitors.

Keep in mind that brands and companies often have more than one factory for the same kind of products and a country mentioned on the label may can be not the one and only place of production. People are sometimes fallible and labels are sometimes illegible, so mistakes are possible. Due to these and other limitations we can't take responsibility for completeness and reliability of presented information. Please see our Legal Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions for more details.

Is your information updated regularly?

If "updated regularly" means constant tracing of each product, if it still manufactured in the same location as the year ago - no, in most cases it is not. It is almost impossible to always have a source of information for the given product. Unfortunately most of manufacturers are not willing to cooperate.

My company is a well known manufacturer and/or brand owner.
How can we add our products to your database?

You are welcome. Please inform us using our Contact Form and we will send you details about our possible cooperation. Please keep in mind that at this moment we publish information about brands and companies of global or international scope only. Maybe in future we will be interested also in country-wide brands.

I have other questions. What can I do to get answers?

Please use our Contact Form. We will answer you by email and - if it may be helpful for others - we will also add the answer to this Help page.