Data Loggers made in China

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Tenma Sound Level Meter, Datalogging
Extech Instruments Datalogger, AC Voltage/Current
Extech Instruments Datalogger, AC Voltage/Current, 2ch
Lascar Datalogger, DUAL CH, 250000, LCD
Lascar 4-20mA Current Loop USB Datalogger with Status indication
Lascar Counter, Event and State USB Datalogger with LED Flash
Lascar Datalogger, DATA COLLECTOR
Lascar Datalogger, TEMP, -30 TO 80 DEG, 250000
Lascar Datalogger, TEMP/RH, -30 TO 80 DEG
Lascar Datalogger, USB, PCB VERSION
Lascar Datalogger, TEMP, -20 TO 60 DEG, WIFI
Lascar High Accuracy Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Sensor
Lascar Humidity, Temperature and Dew Point Datalogger
Lascar Temperature Datalogger with LCD and USB Interface
Lascar Voltage USB Datalogger with Status Indication
Lascar Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Sensor with Display
Lascar Wi-Fi Temperature Probe Data Logging Sensor with Display
Tenma Datalogger, DC Voltage
Tenma Datalogger, 4-20MA
Tenma Sound Level Datalogger
Extech Instruments SDL400 Light Meter + Datalogger
Amprobe TR300 Temp + RH Datalogger