Dust Mops and Pans made by Rubbermaid

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Rubbermaid Lobby Dust Pan
Rubbermaid Invader Side Mop Handle
Rubbermaid Upright Lobby Dust Pan
Rubbermaid FG253104BLA Polypropylene Dust Pan with Wheels, 12-3/4" x 11-5/16"
Rubbermaid FG253204BLA Polypropylene Long Handled Dust Pan, 12-3/4" x 11-5/16"
Rubbermaid FG9B6000BLA Plastic Hand Held Dust Pan, Length 22", Width 21-3/4"
Rubbermaid FG200500CHAR Polypropylene Dust Pan, Length 12-1/4", Width 8-1/4"
Rubbermaid FG253300BLA Polypropylene Dust Pan, Length 12-3/4", Width 11-5/16"