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  • It is not true that everything is made in China
    It is not true
    that everything is
    Made in China

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Here you can find out which products are made in which country.

Check the country of origin
Not only China
Not only China

There is a common belief that almost everything is made ​​in China. With us you will find out that the truth is different. Manufacturing industry has never died in many countries, and elsewhere reborn.

How to check
How to check

You can check the origin of the products by the country in which they were produced, by the company / brand that produced it, or by the category to which they belong.

Responsible Shopping
Responsible Shopping

Become a responsible shopper - buy products made in countries that care about the environment and where human rights are respected.

You have the right to know
You have the right to know

You have the right to know where the goods are produced that go into your home. Even if it is just pure curiosity - you have the right to know.

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