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Pliers & Cutters made in United States

32 listed products

Proto Slip Joint Plier, 6-1/2 In, 1-27/32 In Jaw
Proto Tether Ready Cannon Plug Pliers, 9-1/2 In
Proto Tongue and Groove Pliers, 12 In
Proto Tongue and Groove Pliers, 5 In
Proto Safety Wire Twister Pliers, 10-3/8 In
Proto Tongue and Groove Pliers, 10 In
Proto Tether Ready Wire Twist Pliers, 8-3/4 in
Proto Slip Joint Pliers, 8 In, 1-3/4 In Jaw
Proto Needle Nose Plier, 5-5/8 in., Serrated
Proto Needle Nose Plier, 4-7/8 in., Smooth
Proto Needle Nose Plier, 11-3/8 in., Smooth
Proto Retaining Ring Pliers, 0.038 In Tip, 0 Deg
Proto Retaining Ring Plier, External, 0 Deg
Proto Wire Twist Plier, Automatic, Reverse, 12 In
Proto Autowire Twister Plier
Proto Duckbill Plier, 7-25/32 in., Serrated
Proto Auto Pinch Off Pliers, 14 In.
Proto Diagonal Cutters, 8 In.
Proto Bent Needle Nose Plier, 6-5/16in, Serrated
Proto Diagonal Cutters, 11-1/8 In.
Proto Diagonal Cutters, 4-5/8 In.
Proto Diagonal Cutters, 4-7/16 In.
Proto Diagonal Cutters, 6 In.
Proto Diagonal Cutters, 6-1/16 In.