Relays & Contactors made in Japan

34 products listed

Panasonic Automotive relays, 12 V, 15 W, AgSnO2
Panasonic SFS224J Safety relay
Panasonic AQW 614 EH, DIP relay
Panasonic AQV 251, DIP relay
Panasonic AQV 221, DIP relay
Panasonic AQV 214 E, DIP relay
Panasonic SMD relay, AQV 252 GA
Panasonic SMD relay, AQV 112 KLA
Panasonic DIP relay, AQV 210 EH
Panasonic DIP relay, AQV 252 G
Panasonic SFS5L24J Safety relay
Panasonic Multifunctional timer relay, PM4HAHAC240J, 100 to 240 VAC
Axicom Reed relay, 3 V·A, Changeover, 0.25 A 2-1393763-2
Panasonic Multifunctional timer relay, PM4HAH24J, 24 VUC
Panasonic Multifunctional timer relay LT4H24SJ, 12 to 24 VDC
Panasonic Multifunctional timer relay LT4H240ACSJ, 100 to 240 VAC
Panasonic HF-Power-Relay ARN12A4HX
Panasonic HF-Power-Relay ARN12A24Z
Panasonic HF-Power-Relay ARN12A24X
Panasonic HF-Power-Relay ARN12A12Z
Panasonic HF-Power-Relay ARN10A4HZ
Panasonic HF-Power-Relay ARN12A24
Panasonic HF-Power-Relay ARN12A12X
Panasonic AQW 614 EHA, SMD relay