Wooden Toys made in Germany

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HABA Fun with Sounds Wooden Discovery Blocks with Acoustic Sounds
HABA Ball Track Perpeto toy
HABA Pegging Game Rainbow Whirls toy
HABA Jumbo Pegboard toy
HABA Bead Abacus toy
HABA Bambini Beads Threading Animals toy
HABA Bambini Beads Flower Children toy
HABA Bambini Beads Aqua Zoo toy
HABA Animal scooter Crocodile Chris toy
HABA Pushing vehicle Dumper Dave toy
HABA Habaland Horse and Cart toy
HABA My First Ball Track - Large Basic Pack toys
HABA Clutching Toy Rira
HABA Big Optics Workshop toyw
HABA Discovery Set Round and Round toyw
HABA Large Play Set Horse Farm toys
HABA Pacifier Chain Zodiac Sign Libra
HABA Pacifier Chains Zodiac Sign
HABA Clutching toy Pixie
HABA Clutching toy Zi-za-zip
HABA Discovering ball Paletti
HABA Rattling figure Bobbing Bunny
HABA Clutching Toy Moli
HABA Play Bench Bolta-lot toy