Weighing / Scales made in China

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Kalorik Black Electronic Scale with Body Fat Analyzer
Kalorik Precision Digital Glass Bathroom Scale
Kalorik Electronic Bamboo Bathroom scale
Velleman Mini Portable Weighing Scale - 500g
Velleman Pocket Scales, Mini
Tanita BC-730 Body Composition Monitor
Tanita BC-587 Body Composition Monitor
Tanita HD-366 Bathroom Scale
Tanita BC-731 Body Composition Monitor
Tanita BC-718 Body Composition Monitor
Tanita RD-901 Black Body Composition Meter
Tanita BC-313 White Body Composition Meter
Beurer BG 64 Diagnostic bathroom scale with USB
Beurer BG 40 Diagnostic bathroom scale
Beurer GS 39 Talking glass bathroom scale
Dymo M2 Digital Mailing/Parcel Scale
Dymo S50 Digital Shipping Scale
Dymo M5 Digital Mailing/Parcel Scale
Dymo S180 Digital Shipping Scale
Dymo M1 Digital Mailing/Parcel Scale
Dymo M10 Digital Mailing/Parcel Scale
Dymo S100 Digital Shipping Scale