Axis products made in Australia

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Axis UHF Flexible Unity Gain Antenna
Axis 5.4dB Fibreglass Whip Full Braid Antenna
Axis Flexi Dipole GI Antenna
Axis Trucker Antenna Kit - Fibreglass enclosed kit with Stainless Steel Spring
Axis Mobile TV Antenna for caravan, 4wd and other vehicles
Axis 27MHz Marine Antenna Kit
Axis 27Mhz Marine Dipole Kit
Axis AM/FM Marine Antenna Kit
Axis 2 Sect Roof Antenna 1m
Axis Booster 3-Section Spring Based Antenna
Axis Amplified Windscreen Interior Mount Antenna
Axis AM/FM Helical Antenna Kit
Axis Dual Antenna - Suits UHF & CB 477 / 27 Mhz Kit