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Testers / Meters made by Amprobe

40 listed products

Amprobe ACD-45PQ 600A TRMS Power Clamp
Amprobe SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter with Data Hold Function
Amprobe TR300 Temp + RH Datalogger
Amprobe TMA5 Mini Anemometer with Wet Bulb Probe
Amprobe TH-3 Dual Display Relative Humidity Temperature Meter
Amprobe IR608A Hand Held Infrared Thermometer with a Laser Pointer
Amprobe TMD-53 Type K,J Digital Thermometer
Amprobe ACDC 100 TRMS AC/DC Clamp Meter
Amprobe Autoranging Multimeter
Amprobe PM51A Handheld Pocket Sized Digital Multimeter
Amprobe PM55A Handheld Pocket Sized Compact Precision Digital Multimeter
Amprobe 35XP-A Handheld Compact Digital Multimeter with Temperature
Amprobe 33XR-A Handheld Manual Ranging Digital Multimeter with Temperature
Amprobe DM73C Pen Probe Style Handheld Digital Multimeter
Amprobe 38XR-A Handheld True RMS Digital Multimeter
Amprobe LCR55A Hand Held Digital Multimeter
Amprobe ECB50A-E UK Plug Microprocessor Driven Circuit Breaker and Tracer
Amprobe AC50A Clamp Meter with Digital Display and Analogue Bargraph
Amprobe 34XR-A Handheld True RMS Digital Multimeter with Temperature
Amprobe VP-710 Voltage, Cont and Phase Tester
Amprobe AM-520-EUR Handheld HVAC Digital Multimeter
Amprobe AM-510-EUR Handheld Digital Multimeter
Amprobe ACD-14 TRMS PLUS Dual Display Clamp Multimeter
Amprobe DM78C Pocket Digital Miltimeter